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$200/month fuels the transformation of Transitional Age Youth, helping them identify and pursue their goals, build trust, boost self-esteem, acquire lifelong skills, discover personal motivations - celebrating every victory on their path to success.

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Support THEIR Path Forward

HeadsUp Fox Cities' Personalized Path empowers Transitional Age Youth to achieve their unique goals and build a brighter future through authentic relationships,  social skill building, exercises in trust, and practical life skill applications. This sets in motion a transformative wave that extends through future generations, finally breaking the cycle of generational trauma.

Just 35% of Wisconsin Transitional Age Youth
receive life skills training
9% vocational/educational programs
3% educational/financial assistance
2% room and board
20% academic support (k-12)
13% mentoring
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HeadsUp Provides Life Skills That Last a Lifetime With 

Trust Based Programming

Understanding the Struggles of Youth in Goal Setting


Many Transitional Age Youth struggle with identifying and pursuing their goals. This struggle can be attributed to a basic need being unmet, a crisis mentality, a lack of modeling, resources or self-confidence – or any number of other barriers. At HeadUp, we recognize the importance of addressing these hurdles. Our Personalized Path is designed to ‘meet people where they’re at’ and walk alongside wherever they go next.


Unveiling Strengths, Skills, Passions, and Goals


As a strengths-based program, one of the fundamental steps in our process is to identify and nurture the strengths, skills, passions, and goals of each person we meet. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on relationships with our participants and uncover their unique qualities and aspirations along the way. This process ensures that we tailor our support and guidance to meet their specific needs.


The Importance of Trust Building


Building trust is an essential component of helping Transitional Age Youth identify and pursue their goals. All of the young individuals we work with have faced challenges that may make it difficult for them to trust others. Our team is dedicated to establishing a healing centered environment where trust can flourish. We understand that for many, the first step towards setting and achieving their goals is feeling confident and secure in the support system that surrounds them.


Building Self-Esteem Through Goal Achievement


Setting and reaching goals can be a transformative experience, particularly for young people. Success breeds confidence, and self-esteem is a vital element of personal development. The Personalized Path emphasizes the importance of goal achievement in building a youth's self-esteem. As they accomplish their goals, they begin to see their own potential and worth, which, in turn, motivates them to aim even higher.


Equipping Youth with Lifelong Skills


The goal setting and social skills practiced with the HeadsUp team are not just a temporary exercise; they are skills that can be applied throughout one's lifetime. We believe that by offering hands on experiences like grocery shopping, laundry, or obtaining vital documents and supported skill building activities such as filling out job applications or making appointments in a relational setting we are providing participants with a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. These skills can help them navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise as they progress into adulthood, setting the stage for a brighter future.

Discovering Personal Motivations


Helping Transitional Age Youth identify their motivators is crucial to guiding them towards their goals. We take the time to explore what drives them, what excites them, and what they are passionate about. By discovering their unique motivations, we can tailor our support to be more meaningful and impactful.


Celebrating Small Victories


In our journey to success, it's essential to celebrate even the smallest victories. This not only provides positive reinforcement but also helps maintain motivation and momentum. We believe that recognizing and celebrating achievements, no matter how minor they may seem, is a powerful way to encourage continued progress.

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