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College Students

Shatter Barriers, Conquer Obstacles

At HeadsUp Fox Cities, we're committed to creating a profound impact on the lives of Transitional Age Youth. Our approach goes beyond addressing basic needs; it redefines the very concept of necessity, striving to offer comprehensive support that dismantles barriers, empowers individuals, and nurtures a stronger sense of community.

Only 1 in 5 children in foster care
will attend college. 
Only 1 in 50 will graduate. 

How HeadsUp Provides Crucial Support For Immediate and Basic Needs

Immediate Needs Support

When partner organizations are unable to meet immediate and basic needs, we step in to fill the gap. We believe that no one should be left without essential support. HeadsUp is here so no one has to face these struggles alone.

Expanding the Definition of Basic Needs

We understand that basic needs extends beyond food and shelter. Our approach broadens the concept of basic needs to encompass a range of individualized necessities, such as transportation assistance, obtaining copies of vital records, over-the-counter medications, and more.  By acknowledging and addressing these distinct needs, we empower Transitional Age Youth to not only survive but to truly thrive.

Breaking Down Walls



Building a Community of Connections

We understand that no single organization can tackle every issue alone. Therefore, we have established community and Preferred Partnerships that enable us to create a network of connections to address the multitude of barriers that youth may encounter. These partnerships expand our reach and ensure that Transitional Age Youth receive the comprehensive support they need.

Quality of Life Barriers

In addition to immediate needs, we help individuals overcome obstacles related to their goals and overall quality of life, including securing work uniforms, educational items, safety items, and family essentials, empowering Transitional Age Youth to concentrate on their aspirations rather than barriers.

During times of crisis, individuals often struggle to express their needs to strangers. We create space for these emotional barriers to dissolve when we accompany participants to agencies, make calls on their behalf, and ensure they receive the full advocacy they need. The simple act of being present can significantly boost a person's confidence and ability to self-advocate.

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