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Our Story

HeadsUp was inspired by two very special young adults experiencing child welfare.


If you see this, know the world is a better place

because of you. 

The vision for HeadsUp was sparked by the personal journey of our founder, who faced various challenges during her time as a foster youth. As foster parents, she and her family directly witnessed the inherent barriers present within the child welfare system, which served as the inspiration for HeadsUp. Deeply disheartened by the inadequate support and outcomes for young individuals transitioning out of the system, she became determined to create opportunities for improvement. It was her commitment to enhancing the lives of these two teens, who inspired the very essence of our organization. Their journey, their story, and their triumphs serve as the driving force behind the carets in our logo, representing hope, resilience, and the thousands of reasons why HeadsUp Fox Cities must succeed. Their experiences highlight the urgent need for comprehensive and compassionate support during the critical transition into adulthood. Through our work, we strive to honor their resilience and the experiences of countless others like them, ensuring that no young person is left to navigate this journey alone.

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