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A Community Model Mindset

HeadsUp embraces a Community Model Mindset, fostering a collaborative environment where agencies, organizations, and businesses work synergistically to achieve a shared vision. Within this framework, decision-making authority and resources are shared, while equity of voice is upheld. We believe that a Community Model Mindset is essential for effective collaboration and resource navigation, serving as a foundational principle and process for HeadsUp.

Preferred Partnership

To sustain a Community Model Mindset effectively, formal commitments play a crucial role. To align with this principle, HeadsUp has introduced a "Preferred Partnership" status for organizations that align with our shared values. Preferred Partners outline their commitment to collaborate with HeadsUp and fellow Preferred Partners under our shared values with Affiliation Statements.

HeadsUp Fox Cities resources for foster care transitional age youth
Our Shared Values

Service without discrimination 
Trauma-informed approach 
Community collaboration 
Harm reduction strategies 
"No Wrong Door" approach

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